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11 May 2016

TransCaspian 2016

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is a participant to the 15th International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition TransCaspian, which brings together representatives of the transport and related sectors in the Caspian and Transcaucasian regions. The exhibition is held on 11 – 13 May, 2016 in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to Mr. Konstantin Palnikov, RS Director General, "the Caspian region is unique in the volume and quality of its mineral resources, thus special attention at the RS stand is paid to the services rendered to oil-and-gas companies and the RS participation in the projects of offshore oil-and-gas field development."

The RS Branch Office in Azerbaijan established in 1923 is the biggest and the oldest one in the region. Currently, more than 90 % of ships flying the flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan are under the RS class.

Within the framework of the Azerbaijan state programme for fleet renovation, the series of high-speed craft is being built under the RS survey at the Baku Shipyard for delivery of specialised personnel and various cargoes to MODU and other offshore oil-and-gas facilities. Construction is performed for the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) with the majority of ships assigned the RS class. Certification of pipelines, MODU, ship repairing yards, testing laboratories and fire-fighting equipment are the RS certification services particularly demanded in Azerbaijan. In the field of training of qualified personnel for the maritime industry, RS actively cooperates with Azerbaijan State Marine Academy, which graduates, inter alia, work in the RS Branch Office in Azerbaijan.

The RS Branch Offices effectively function in other countries of the Caspian Sea region – Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Among the shipbuilding projects under the RS survey are two ferries built for the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan at the Shipyard Uljanik Brodogradiliste in Croatia. They are designed for operation in the shipping lanes linking Turkmenbashi with the ports of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia. Harbour vessels and ships of river-sea navigation flying the flag of Kazakhstan are under construction to the RS class.

In the Russian part of the Caspian region RS is involved in two major oil-and-gas development projects at Yury Korchagin and V. Filanovsky fields.

Established in 1913, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is one of the leading classification societies. Recognised by the European Union. Member of IACS. The RS activity is aimed at enhancing high standards of maritime safety and minimising the negative impact of human activities on the environment through scientifically based risk assessment and risk management procedures.

RS HEAD OFFICE: 8, Dvortsovaya Nab., 191186, St.Petersburg, RUSSIA. Tel: +7 (812) 3128878, Fax: +7 (812) 3141087, E-mail: