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RS for the space industry
20 May 2016

RS for the space industry

A new scheme of dangerous cargo transportation (using containers) for filling of launch vehicle and upper stage was successfully implemented while preparing a first launching of Soyuz-2.1a rocket at Cosmodrome Vostochny on 28 April 2016.

Active participation of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) in container activity was beneficial in forming a flexible up-to-date scheme of delivery (using various means of transport) and storage of rocket fuel and its components.

RS has performed the work both on approval of tank containers, manufactured under the RS survey, being involved in the scheme, and on expertise of dangerous cargoes transportation in containers and special transport-and-supply containers to the place of installation and filling Soyuz launch vehicle and Volga upper stage. The documents issued allowed to arrange the optimal scheme of fuel components transportation.

“It is not the first RS participation in the space projects, – said Alexander Fetisov, Head of RS Container Department. – In recent years, RS has closely cooperated with the Center for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Operation (TsENKI) during the survey of equipment for delivery of rocket fuel components to Baikonur, Plesetsk Cosmodromes, Consmodrome Vostochny, Centre Spatial Guyanais for filling the launch vehicles and spacecraft. RS has certified a special tare of a new type for the carriage of upper stages of space rockets. The work on the RS certification of the Russia-manufactured tank containers, designed and manufactured for TsENKI, intended for transportation of rocket fuel components for Proton launching vehicle is nearing completion; the cooperation is expected in equipping the complex of rocket fuel components transportation for the heavy rocket system at Cosmodrome Vostochny.


As an ever-changing hi-technology segment, the space industry requires the relevant innovative solutions, as well as in logistics. This allows to provide continuance of cargo quality, ecological safety and to optimize the carriage processes.

Within the cooperation with FGUP TsENKI, RS:

  • participates in generating the requirements to transport equipment;
  • prepares expert statements on transport equipment;
  • participates in generating the infrastructure for technical maintenance;
  • performs technical supervision of equipment during the entire life cycle from design and manufacture to the periodical surveys in service, repairs and modernization.

Established in 1913, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is one of the leading classification societies. Recognised by the European Union. Member of IACS. The RS activity is aimed at enhancing high standards of maritime safety and minimising the negative impact of human activities on the environment through scientifically based risk assessment and risk management procedures.

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