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3 June 2016

New series of trawlers is constructed to RS class
Construction of a new series of trawler-seiner pr. SK-3101R has been commenced at the Shipyard Yantar (Kaliningrad).

Project SK-3101R was designed by Skipskompetanse, Norway. The trawler is intended for fishery using bottom and pelagic trawls, bottom net and seiner net. The caught fish will be stored in six sea-water cooled cargo tanks (RSW type) of 800 cub. m in capacity. The cutting-edge technology of storage will enable to keep the take fresh during seven days. It will be the first similar trawler-seiner being under construction at the domestic enterprise.

Main particulars:

  • length overall 50,6 m;
  • breadth 12 m;
  • depth 10 m;
  • main engine output appr. 2200 kW;
  • gross tonnage 1140;
  • deadweight 1260 t.

RS class notation: KM(*) Ice3 AUT1 fishing vessel. Launching of a lead ship is scheduled for June, 2017. The complete series will be delivered to the customer in 2018.

Reference:  Fishing fleet amounts to one third of the total number of ships flying the flag of the Russian Federation and classed by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS). As on 1 June 2016, over 1100 fishing vessels are registered by RS. Commencing the serial construction of the up-to-date hi-tech fishing vessels will give impetus to development of the strategically significant trend of the domestic economy.

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