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Sakhalin Oil & Gas 2016
7 October 2016

Sakhalin Oil & Gas 2016

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) was a participant to the 20th Anniversary Conference Sakhalin Oil & Gas 2016 held on 28 30 September in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Mr Pavel Shikhov, RS Deputy Director General, made a report at the Conference on behalf of the RS highlighting its contribution to realization of offshore oil and gas projects as well as improving requirements of the Russian lassification society against the backdrop of offshore equipment development.

RS performs survey during design, construction and operation of offshore field development facilities and ships intended for oil and gas production, manufacture of materials, products and equipment for marine operations. The range of services rendered by RS within the oil and gas industry also includes certification of products, management systems and crewing companies for compliance with the ILC and ISO requirements, survey of various types of containers as well as other services for container business companies.

Particular attention was given to multipurpose support vessels combining the functions of an icebreaker, tug, bunkering, passenger/freight and salvage ships. The ships evolution since the beginning of 2000 was highlighted in detail due to the analysis of such characteristics as dimensions, deadweight, gross tonnage, power, propeller type and the RS class notation.

Along with expanded functions of multipurpose support vessels, Pavel Shikhov also put a focus on ships operation in polar waters that resulted in a number of technical improvements ensuring maximum icebreaking and manoeuvring capabilities. For example, hull metal consumption (ice class) has been improved, the engine power has increased, Azipod fully steerable azimuth thrusters are used instead of controllable-pitch propellers.

Pavel Shikhov also noted the specific requirements applied by RS to these ships such as specially designed equipment for ships operation at low temperatures (WINTERIZATION), icing prevention equipment (ANTI-ICE) and high environmental safety class (ECO-S).

Established in 1913, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is one of the leading classification societies. Recognised by the European Union. Member of IACS. The RS activity is aimed at enhancing high standards of maritime safety and minimising the negative impact of human activities on the environment through scientifically based risk assessment and risk management procedures.

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