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10 April 2017

Results of plenary meeting of the Technical Committee ISO TC 104

Representative of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Aleksandr Fetisov, Head of the RS Container Department, as a member of the RF delegation took part in the plenary meeting of the Technical Committee ISO TC 104 Freight Containers held in March 2017 in Paris.

The meetings of the Technical Committee ISO TC 104 are held once in three years to finalize findings, specify the necessity to correct the existing standards or to develop new normative documents due to container equipment development. Amendments to the existing standards are prepared by the Technical Committee working bodies.

Following the meeting results, the following documents are planned to be revised and developed:

  • consolidation of strength tests uniform for all container types in the standard ISO 1496-1. For standardization of the testing procedures the sequence of test will be specified in the standard;
  • introduction of a new container type 1ССС (a container with the length of 6058 mm and increased height of 2891 mm) into the list of series ISO 1 cargo container types. Now, the maximum height of the ISO 1 series containers having the same length is equal to 2591 mm;
  • revision of the ISO 1496-2 and ISO 1496-3 standards covering the reefer containers and tank containers accordingly;
  • correction of the ISO 6346 standard (regulating the requirements on marking and identification) in respect of gaining acceptance folding and dismountable containers;
  • development of documents related to the radio-frequency identification, equipment for the electronic data interchange, container tracking system.

Development of safety requirements to smart containers are among the perspective issues to be reviewed within the ISO TC 104.

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