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11 April 2017

List of the RF national requirements issued in the form of heck Lists

The Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport of RF Mintrans has sent to RS the list of national requirements of the Maritime Administration of the Russian Federation, issued in the form of Check Lists, for guidance during surveys of ships.

Check List No. 1 "Check List on Examination of the Ship for Compliance with Requirements of Technical Regulations on the Safety of Sea Transport Items (approved by the Russian Federation Government Order No. 620 of 12 August 2010)" (drawn up to ships which documentation for construction has been approved, the contract for construction of a ship has been signed, or the ship keel has been laid after 23.08.2011).

Check List No. 2 "Check List on Examination of the Ship and Company for Compliance. List of mandatory requirements of the Russian Federation for Marine Transport".

Check List No. 3 "Check List on Examination of the Ship and Company for Compliance with National Requirements of the Russian Federation".

The requirements above apply to ships flying the RF flag.

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