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Russian innovative project submitted in IMO
10 July 2017

Russian innovative project submitted in IMO

The Russian Federation (RF) innovative project with the participation of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) has been presented in the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

During the 98th session in London, the IMO Maritime Safety Committee has considered the RF paper (MSC98/20/11), supported with presentation on design, construction and testing of tank containers with shells made of Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) for multimodal transportation of dangerous goods.

During the presentation, the General Manager of ApATeK R&D enterprise, Prof. Andrey Ushakov informed about the clear benefits of new type of tank container shells in advance of the traditional metal ones currently used: longer-term service life, increased treatment frequency, improved safekeeping properties of the transported product and safety of cargo shipping.

The maritime industry experts have acknowledged the use of FRP materials truly promising for the multimodal transportation of dangerous goods.

It has been noted, that same way developments are being carried out in a number of countries, but the Russian one has obvious priority: after full-scale series of certification tests the first containers are successfully undergoing trial operations.

The International Maritime Organization has recognized the importance and actuality of the information provided by the Russian Federation on development and incorporation of requirements to tank containers with FRP vessels in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and other international regulations governing the container transportation and encouraged to resume work with subsequent notifying the IMO on the progress.

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