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1 November 2017

RS participated in annual ITCO Members Meeting

In October 2017, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) was a participant to the annual Member Meeting of International Tank Containers Organization (ITCO), consolidating the major players in the tank container production, manufacture, service and inspection market. Aleksandr Fetisov, Head of RS Container Department, attended the event on behalf of RS.

The actual economic conditions and their impact on the tank container fleet, its increase which amounted to about 10 % over the past year, the industry strategic growth priorities were discussed at the Assembly; results and immediate objectives of the Organization activities were reviewed as well.

In particular, the ITCO Secretariat announced the new, 4th edition of Acceptable Container Criteria (ACC) published in September, 2017 and also highlighted business situation and promotion strategy of the e-learning course developed by ITCO on tank container structure, statutory requirements, inspection scope and procedures, service aspects.

One of the Assembly subjects was the forthcoming ITCO participation in the meetings of UN Committee of Experts on Transport of Dangerous Goods. At the nearest (end of November – beginning of December 2017) the Note for tank containers with FRP vessel submitted by the Russian Federation in September 2017, is supposed to be considered. The document proposes to amend the existing UN Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

The Meeting participants spoke in favour of the RF document in its entirety as well as showed interest in organizing the working group and taking part in its activities as regards elaborating issues on the UN technical requirements to tank containers with FRP vessel for their transportation by sea. It is being noted that this transportation equipment is a promising alternative to tank containers with vessel made of steel, used today in multimodal handling for highly corrosive substances transportation (hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, etc.). Among its advantages are as follows: higher corrosion resistance and durability, reduced weight and lower energy intensity during its manufacture.

The next Meeting is scheduled for Antwerp, autumn 2018.

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