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The Review of the Existing International Normative Base for the Assessment of Passenger Ships Seaworthiness. Prospects for Improvement and Further Development
The present article contains the review of the existing methods for the ship’s safety assessment, which is a very important task for the scientists, designers and shipowners, considering the requirements for dynamic stability. The requirements are presented for the seaworthiness characteristics of sea-going ships and floating facilities specified in the international documents. The article also considers the rules of the leading classification societies – IACS members and the EC Council Directives as basic documents determining the acceptable safety level of sea-going ships. On the basis of the review of the existing normative base on ensuring seaworthiness of sea-going ships and floating facilities and of the IMO activity results in this respect the conclusions are made on maintaining dynamic stability.

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UDC:  341.217:342.52:629.5.011:629.017:005
Author(s):  V.I. Evenko, M.A. Gappoev, M.A. Kuteinikov
Pages:  26 - 39

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