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The Review of Accidents on Passenger Ships Related to the Loss of Seaworthiness
The present article contains the accident rate review. Two types of accidents are analyzed: shipwrecks and loss of seaworthiness. All accidents resulted in the loss of ship are considered as shipwrecks. The loss of seaworthiness means the loss of at least one of seaworthiness characteristics while the ship remains afloat and is further back to operation. Besides, the accidents are analysed caused by the loss of stability (e.g. the shift of cargo or its insecure stowing). Conclusions are made concerning the accidents causes. Recommendations are given on reducing the accident rate.

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UDC:  629.017:347.799.2
Author(s):  R.V. Borisov, M.A. Gappoev, M.A. Kuteinikov
Pages:  40 - 44

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