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Formation System of Principal Engineering Solutions for Ensuring the Ice Strengthening and Safe Operation of Ships in the Russian Arctic and Freezing Seas

In the present article the formation system of principal engineering solutions is considered which enables to increase the reliability and efficiency of ships designed for ice operation in the Russian Arctic and freezing seas.

Calculations of ice strengthening by Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping regulating methods are the scientific basis for the system intended to solve the following tasks:

  • ice class choosing at the stage of terms of reference and solving the task of ice classes of different classification societies equivalency;
  • rapid determining of the hull mass at the stage of the conceptual design development by means of calculations of the preliminary required extent of ice strengthening;
  • choosing of shipbuilding steel for ice strengthening and solving atypical engineering tasks at the stage of the conceptual design development;
  • optimization of ice strengthening structure at the stage of preliminary design;
  • application of ice effects monitoring to develop recommendations on choosing safe regimes of navigation in ice.

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UDC:  629.123
Author(s):  E.M. Appolonov, A.B. Nesterov, O.Ya. Timofeyev, A.V. Didkovsky, M.A. Kuteinikov
Pages:  62 - 83

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