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The Modeling of Torsiograms and Spectrograms while Calculating Torsional Vibrations of Propulsion Plants
The article considers the problem of improving the quality of calculation and experimental research of both torsional vibrations and oscillation processes. The authors have offered and substantiated the methods of modeling torsiograms and spectrograms at the stage of the plant design which enables to improve the accuracy and reliability of research.
The theoretical spectrogram is necessary for solving not less important task of identifying the interferences and distortions which may be supplemented to the basic record of torsional vibrations. This is of particular importance for implementing new methods of measurements and for improving the methods of torsional vibrations calculation.

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UDC:  629/12 – 233/12
Author(s):  L.V. Efremov, M.V. Kudriavtsev, M.Yu. Ivanov
Pages:  117 - 126

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