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Sensors of Longitudinal Vibrations and Axial Forces in Shafting of Shipboard Power Plants
In the article sensors of longitudinal vibrations and stresses caused by axial forces in shafting of shipboard power plants are considered.
For longitudinal vibrations measurements fibre optical sensors are of great interest.
Thrust measuring systems with strain gages have low reliability and are too complicated.
Due to high sensitivity, remote reading of information, non-delayed action, simple design and small measuring base, transformer magnetoelastic converters may be recommended for measurement of axial forces at longitudinal vibrations.

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UDC:  681.586.78:531.781:629.5.035.8
Author(s):  N.E. Zhadobin, V.B. Machulsky, V.B. Vikulin, A.I. Lebedev
Pages:  221 - 234

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