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The Existing and Perspective Types of GNSS Differential Subsystems
The article considers the existing and perspective types of GNSS differential subsystems ensuring the high accuracy and reliability of the ships positioning and current speed determination. It is demonstrated that perspective types of DGNSS using synchronistic circumterrestrial satellites may solve communication tasks and reliable ships positioning both in the first area of navigation (open sea) and in the second area of navigation (approaches to ports, port water areas, as well as narrow waters, where manoeuvrability is restricted), with mean square error less than 5 m and overall transmitting delay less than 10 s.

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UDC:  621
Author(s):  A.N. Marinich, A.V. Pripotniuk, Yu.M. Ustinov, A.R. Shigabutdinov
Pages:  246 - 260

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