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Elastic properties of hull structural composites
The approximate formulas are given to determine the elastic properties of the composite based on the known elastic properties of its components (moduli of elasticity and Poisson's ratios of adhesives and fibres), volume ratio and fibre lay-up sequence. Considered are the composites containing separate macroparticles (granules), short fibres (chop roving), long fibres (continuous fibres), layers, reinforcing fabrics and non-woven fabrics as well as porosities (inclusions with modulus of elasticity equal to zero).

Key words: reinforced plastics, modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio, shear strength, fibres, granules, porosities.

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UDC:  629.12: 539.32
Author(s):  M.D. Yemelyanov
Pages:  16-22

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