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Cold resistance of high strength alloy steel with a yield stress of 500 MPa
The results are presented of the structural analysis and assessment of high strength steel properties with a yield stress not less than 500 MPa (low-temperature impact toughness, ductile-brittle transition temperature Тkb, nil-ductility temperature NDT and crack resistance СТОП) depending on the chosen alloying system, type of initial billet (ingot or slab), production practice (thermo-mechanical rolling, quenching from rolling heat or separate furnace heat with subsequent high-temperature tempering) and rolled plate thickness. Possible reasons of cold resistance reduction in hot-rolled plates are determined and methods for its increasing are suggested.

Key words: cold resistance of high strength alloy steel, guaranteed yield stress, ductile-brittle transition temperature, increasing hot-rolled plate cold resistance.

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UDC:  669.14.018.41:620.17
Author(s):  V.K. Bashaev, G.D. Motovilina, V.V. Ryabov, O.V. Sych, M.A. Gusev
Pages:  29-38

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