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Test equipment and procedure for protective coatings of ballast tanks and double-side spaces
Attention is paid to the mandatory compliance with the Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for ballast tanks and double-side spaces of sea-going ships, as adopted by resolution MSC.215(82) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Included are the requirements for protective coatings. The information is provided on design of a swinging test tank for conducting test cycles of samples with protective coatings for seawater ballast tanks developed by CRISM "Prometey" on the basis of the Standard (documentation has been agreed with the Register). Procedure and admissible criteria for qualification tests of protective coatings are specified.

Key words: protective coating, ballast tank, double-side space, qualification tests, swinging test tank.

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UDC:  621.791.669.295
Author(s):  M.A Mikhailova, N.S. Yakovlev, S.M. Kordonets, I.V. Manikhin
Pages:  39-41

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