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Mathematical Modeling of Floating Facilities Behaviour by Means of the Software Package "Anchored Structures"
It is ascertained that the most versatile and relatively inexpensive way to study the statics and dynamics of floating facilities is to create a powerful problem-oriented software package allowing prompt mathematical modeling of all necessary operating modes of various facilities' designs.
In St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University the software package "Anchored Structures" has been created and has been successfully updated for more than 15 years with the continuous support of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping to solve most of the static and dynamic problems encountered by the designer. Methodological basis for solution of design problems and examples of practical application of the software package are given.

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UDC:  629.124.74:629.563.2:51-74
Author(s):  Bolshev A.S., Frolov S.A., Kuteynikov M.A.
Pages:  68 - 90

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