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Problems of Testing for Defects and Hull Repair of Ships of River-Sea Navigation
The necessity for more accurate measurement of residual thickness of the hull plate structures of ships of river-sea navigation is substantiated. The necessity for more precise localization of dents on deck or bottom in one section is demonstrated. Attention is paid to practicability of considering the general hull hogging, and the original method for determining ordinates of the residual hull bending axis is introduced. Necessary consideration of the loss of stability of the shell and reinforcement plates is stated. Relation is demonstrated for determination of size of the plate cross-section and place of their installation where the loss of stability is excluded. Repair processes are introduced to eliminate the residual hogging. It is recommended to use the article when improving the RS rules.

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UDC:  625.12:539.4
Author(s):  Baryshnikov S.O., Chistov V.B.
Pages:  91 - 99

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