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Development of Manufacturing Procedures for Rolled Plates of Thickness up to 50 mm Made of High Strength Steels with Index "Arc"
The main trend in the development of modern cold-resistant steels for extreme conditions in the Arctic and Far East is application of high-precision thermo-mechanical treatment or heat refining combined with microalloying while reducing the content of expensive alloying elements. The main objective is to obtain fine and ultrafine metal structure, providing higher strength properties along with cold and crack resistance. This opens possibilities for extending the range of application of high strength steels, provides improved operation reliability, reduced metal consumption and welding labour content due to application of steels of smaller thicknesses.

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UDC:  669.14.018.41:621.771.23
Author(s):  Bashaev V.K., Khlusova E.I., Golosienko S.A.
Pages:  100-111

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