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Determination of Crack Resistance of Cold-Resistant High Strength Steel of Thickness up to 150 mm
Development of hydrocarbon deposits in the Arctic shelf of Russia requires development of new cold-resistant materials for large-size welded structures. The main class of materials for these structures are low-alloy steels characterized by ductile-brittle temperature transition. For some structural elements the required thickness is 130 - 150 mm and design operating temperature is below - 30 °C. Methods of cold-resistance testing of these steels in the existing normative documents differ significantly and are poorly developed due to the low operating experience of this class of structures at extremely low temperatures. As a rule, application of steels of thickness above 70 mm is subject to special consideration.

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UDC:  620.171.34:539.4
Author(s):  Ilyin A.V., Filin V.Yu., Bashaev V.K.
Pages:  112 - 123

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