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nalysis of the Current Status and Development Trends of Dual-Fuel Marine Diesel Engines
In view of depletion of oil natural resources, environmental problems related to use of oil fuels, the application of alternative types of fuel, primarily liquefied natural gas (LNG), in the ship power plants is becoming increasingly important. The results of the review made by the leading manufacturers of the dual-fuel engines, their technical performance and prospective use in the ship power plants are presented. It is shown that in the near future LNG as an alternative type of fuel shall be used in the ship power plants due to the best performance as compared to the liquid oil fuels. The basic LNG physical and chemical properties, and the possibility of its use in marine diesel engines are demonstrated. The conclusion is made that the current dual-fuel engines manufactured by different companies are com-pletely adequate for the needs of the global shipbuilding industry.

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UDC:  621.433.001.5
Author(s):  Sorokin V.A.
Pages:  213 - 238

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