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Development of Proposals on Safe Navigation Assessment with Regard to Wind Resistance for Heavy Tonnage Sailing and Motor Vessels by the Example of Training Sailing Vessel "Krusenstern"
Accidents with the RF heavy-tonnage sail and motor vessels ("Krusenstern", "Pallada") are analyzed. Wind load for high-board, crane, bunkering and docking ships, as well as for mobile offshore drilling units are analyzed in terms of their application when assessing the safety of the heavy-tonnage sail and motor vessels. As the basis the rules of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping are taken with regard to stability of the crane ships. Practical algorithm of wind resistance assessment is proposed for different combinations of sail setting enabling to assess risk of a ship's loss in different operational conditions. Application software package is developed for wind resistance calculation by the example of training sailing vessel "Krusenstern".

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UDC:  629.563
Author(s):  Yarisov V.V., Paletskiy G.N.
Pages:  30 - 39

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