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Issues Related to Determination of Metal Deformation and Fracture Resistance Parameters of High Parameter Piping. New Testing Methods
It is noted that for determination of qualitative parameters of metal deformation and failure resistance for the piping under construction or in long-term operation, the list of mechanical and corrosion resistance tests and nomenclature of the defined parameters shall be extended. It is proposed to use different methods to monitor the critical temperature of brittle fracture and to assess the energy intensity of ductile failure. It is stated that bench tests of piping under cyclic hydrostatic loads provides resource estimation considering all particulars of production process and scalable factor, and may be recommended for certification of new piping products.

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UDC:  621.774.2; 669.14: 539.4
Author(s):  Bashaev V.K., llyin A.V., Gusev M.A., Larionov A.V.
Pages:  52 - 74

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