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New Generation of Reference Books on Seas Wave Conditions
The article describes the principal methods of wave conditions (wave climate) determination. The new generation reference books published by the Register are based on a modern approach using hydrodynamic wave field simulation followed by statistical processing. Between 2003 and 2010, four fundamental reference books on the wind and wave conditions of the Azov, Baltic, Barents, Bering, White, Kara, Caspian Seas, Sea of Okhotsk, Northern, Mediterranean, Black Seas and the Sea of Japan were published. The article contains the description of wind and wave statistical characteristics specifi ed in the reference books. Special attention has been given to non-traditional statistics and their assessment methods, i. e. climatic spectra, spatial characteristics of storms, common extreme characteristics.

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UDC:  656.61.052.14: 551.466.2
Author(s):  A.V. Bukhanovsky, L.I. Lopatukhin, E.S. Chernysheva
Pages:  50 – 65

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