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Development of Requirements for Structure and Strength of Production Risers of Polymeric Composite Materials
The article considers issues covering risers manufacture of polymeric composite materials (PCM). Design loads nomenclature has been introduced, basic requirements have been formulated depending on the riser functional purpose. Substantiation has been provided for selection of materials for laminate and liner. Comparative assessment has been made of dissipative stiffness behaviour, strength and stability of risers of PCM, steel and titanium alloys. Some comparative characteristics have been considered of PCM risers in relation to steel or titanium alloys risers including the consolidated feasibility assessment of PCM risers life cycle.

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UDC:  622.24.002.54 036
Author(s):  A.M. Dmitriyeva, O.Ya. Timofeyev, B.A. Yartsev, A.S. Avdonkin, S.V. Balagura, L.V. Parshina
Pages:  211 236

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