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Research Bulletin by RS

Operation assessment of filtering equipment for sea pollution prevention
Author:G.I. Tikhomirov


A review analysis of the experiments, executed by the author, is represented, on an increase in the effectiveness in the technical operation of the ship's convention filtering equipment of settling-koalesco type for the purification of bilge waters. Are indicated the advantages and disadvantages in the method of the koalestly filtration of the oil water mixtures taking into account the anomalous properties of liquid water and emulsification in it of the hydrocarbons, which shall be considered during design and operation of ship's equipment.

Key words: design, technical operation, equipment for purification of bilge waters, filtration, coalescence, drop petroleum products.


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About author

George Tikhomirov - DCs, professor,Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University, Vladivostok

Issue: 40/41(2015)

For citation:G.I. Tikhomirov.Operation assessment of filtering equipment for sea pollution prevention. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2015, No. 40/41, pp. 11-14.

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UDC:  627.033
Pages:  11 - 14

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