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Comparison of different methods to estimate the fracture toughness of metal of welded structure operated in Arctic conditions
Authors:A.V. llyin, V.Yu. Filin, D.M. Artemiev

Fracture toughness of the metal of welded joints is determined as per the Register rules with specimens of particular types (rectangular SENB, C(T)) in full thickness providing for a high constraint in a crack tip. For test temperatures below 40 C a high data scatter is observed, fracture toughness values often do not meet the requirements. The problem of excessive conservatism of test conditions in comparison to loading of a crack-like flaw containing structure is actively discussed abroad owing to the forthcoming revision of ISO standards for Arctic materials. The test results are compared and brittle fracture conditions for different specimen types are analyzed, including specimens with simulated welding heat.

Key words: fracture toughness tests, Arc-steels, welded joints, SENT.


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About authors

Ilyin Aleksey - DSc,FSUE "Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "Prometey, St. Petersburg"

Filin Vladimir - PhD,FSUE "Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "Prometey", St. Petersburg

Artemiev D.M. -FSUE "Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "Prometey", St. Petersburg

Issue: 40/41 (2015)

For citation:A.V. llyin, V.Yu. Filin, D.M. Artemiev.Comparison of different methods to estimate the fracture toughness of metal of welded structure operated in Arctic conditions. Research Bulletin by Russiann Maritime Register of Shipping. 2015, No. 40/41, pp. 62-71.

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UDC:  669.14:620.17:539.4
Pages:  62 - 71

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