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Research Bulletin by RS

Stability control instruments. Up-to-date requirements
Authors:.. Kuteynikov, V.S. Odegov

The article analyses onboard stability loading instruments. This article considers trends of onboard computer software to carry out stability and strength calculations, the RS requirements to the loading and stability control instruments.

Keywords: oil tankers, tanker, chemical tanker, gas carrier, stability control device, onboard instrument, stability, damage stability.


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About authors

Kuteynikov Mikhail - DSc, FAI "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping", St. Petersburg

Odegov Vitaliy - FAI "Russian Maritime Register of shipping", St. Petersburg

Issue: 42/43 (2016)

For citation:.. Kuteynikov, V.S. Odegov.Stability control instruments. Up-to-date requirements. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2016, No. 42/43, pp.64-69.

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UDC:  629.054
Pages:  64-69

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