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Research Bulletin by RS

Development of next generation marine bearings
Author:A.A. Khabarov

Possible use of bearings with self-contained lubrication instead of film-lubrication bearings with circulating lubrication is considered. The problems arising during development of self-contained bearings have been specified. The article considers production manner of new types of lubricating films, internal circulatory lubrication in a lubricant film of high-speed self-contained bearings as well as their structures.

Keywords: high-speed bearings, self-contained bearings, film-lubrication, internal circulatory lubrication, self-contained lubrication.


1. Habarov A.A., Al'pin A.Ja, Kokotkov N.I. O vozmozhnosti iskljuchenija gromozdkih i pozharoopasnyh sudovyh sistem cirkuljacionnoj smazki podshipnikov zhidkostnogo trenija // Sudostroenie.-2012.-5.-S. 34-35.
2. Al'pin A.Ja, Voroncov E.Ju., Kokotkov N.I., Habarov A.A. Vnutrennjaja cirkuljacija v smazochnom sloe samyj prostoj i jeffektivnyj sposob maslosnabzhenija avtonomnyh podshipnikov zhidkostnogo trenija // Sudostroenie.-2014.-2.- S. 46-48.

About author:

Khrabrov Anton - JSC "PO "Sevmash", Severodvinsk

Issue: 42/43 (2016)

For citation:A.A. Khabarov.Development of next generation marine bearings. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2016, No. 42/43, pp.105-109.

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UDC:  621.822:629.5.03
Pages:  105-109

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