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Float-over assembly of drilling rigs at sea with substructure constructions deformation
Authors: G.B. Kryzhevich, N.G. Popov


The paper reviews the experience in the float-over assembly of marine platforms available in Russia and abroad to analyze the aspects of rational transport and installation operations and step-wise procedures. Requirements are formulated for heavy-lift vessels intended to carry the substructure and topsides to the installation site of semi-submersible drilling rigs at sea. Specific features of the mooring systems used during installation are discussed, as well as the design of mating structures providing the substructure and topsides juncture accompanied by the deformation of the substructure.

Keywords: floating drilling rigs, topsides, float-over assembly of marine platform, semi-submersible drilling units, marine structures. 


1. Alferov V.I., Kryzhevich G.B., L. Podgorny L.N., Popov N.G., Shaposhnikov V.M. Opyt razrabotki proekta morskoij perevozki supermoduleij polupogrugnoij burovoij ustanovki "Poliarnaia Zvezda" i technologii ich sborki v morskich usloviiach [Transporting super modules of "Polyarnaya Zvezda" drilling unit and assembling them at sea]. Trudy Krylovskogo gosudarstvennogo nauchnogo tsentra [Transactions of Krylov State Research Centre], 2011, 65 (349), pp. 5-16. (In Russian)
2. Rules for Planning and Execution of Marine Operations. Russian maritime register of shipping, 2014. (In Russian)

About authors

Gennadiy Kryzhevich - DSc, professor, FSUE "Krylov State Research Centre", 44, Moskovskoe shosse, 196158, St. Petersburg, Russia

N.G. Popov - FSUE "Krylov State Research Centre", 44, Moskovskoe shosse, 196158, St. Petersburg, Russia

Issue: 44/45 (2016)

For citation: G.B. Kryzhevich, N.G. Popov. Float-over assembly of drilling rigs at sea with substructure constructions deformation. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2016, No. 44/45, pp. 32-40.

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UDC:  629.563.21.002.72
Pages:  32-40
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