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Turret mooring systems of ship-shaped floating oil and gas production units for freezing offshore sea areas
Authors:Yu.A. Kharchenko, R.M. Ter-Sarkisov, V.N. Bartenev


The article considers turret containment systems for offshore floating oil and gas ship type platforms built for the development of offshore fields, including those in freezing offshore sea areas, giving the detailed description of the turret containment systems design and the ftinction of its fundamental elements. The conclusion is made about the application expediency of ice-resistant ship-type oil and gas production platforms with turret containment systems in the freezing offshore sea areas.
Based on the analysis of the prospective development and the international classification societies' regulations the basic principle provisions of the technical requirements for the turret restraint systems are proposed that can be included in the normative documents of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Keywords: offshore floating ship-shaped oil and gas production units, turret, swivel, anchor restraint system; regulatory requirements.


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About authors

Yuriy Kharchenko -DSc, professor,Gubkin Russia State University of Oil and Gas,Leninsky prospekt, 65,119991, Moscow, Russia

Rudolf Ter-Sarkisov - DSc, professor, Oil and Gas Research Institute RAS (OGRI RAS), 3, Gubkina st.,119333, Moscow, Russia

Viktor Bartenev - FAI "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping",8, Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya, 191186,St. Petersburg,Russia

Issue: 44/45 (2016)

For citation:Yu.A. Kharchenko, R.M. Ter-Sarkisov, V.N. Bartenev.Turret mooring systems of ship-shaped floating oil and gas production units for freezing offshore sea areas. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2016, No. 44/45, pp. 102-110.

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UDC:  62.529
Pages:  102-110
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