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Participation of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in the Arctic Strategy of the Russian Federation
The article analyzes the Principles of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic until 2020 and beyond (hereafter, the Principles) and the key areas of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) activity within the framework of the realization of the goals and objectives of this document. The document formulates the main areas of the RF activities in the Arctic, aimed at maintaining the leading position of Russia in this region of prime importance, which is, in the near term, to be one of the basic reservoirs of energy resources. The Principles stress the strategic role of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) as the major traffic artery in the Arctic when developing hydrocarbon fields and the infrastructure of the High North regions as well as providing the shortest transit route between Europe, America and Japan. Neither efficient support or development of NSR, nor sea transport operations in the Arctic would be possible without a modern Arctic fleet. The latter circumstance predetermines the direct involvement of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in state programs aimed at the implementation of the RF state policy in the Arctic. The article considers the principal areas of the RS activity aimed at solving the above problems. The main task is to ensure a safe and efficient ship operation in the harsh ice conditions of the Arctic. In this connection, the elaboration of the RS normative documentation becomes particularly important. Therefore, RS takes active measures in this direction. For instance, new Requirements for Ship Equipment have been developed to ensure long-term operation at low temperatures. RS is a leading organization in the sphere of providing safe operation of arctic ships, and which shall consistently advance and support the RF interests at IMO and IACS. In this regard, the RS participation in the work of international bodies engaged in the development of an up-to-date international regulatory system and interaction with the classification societies of Arctic Region countries (ABS, DNV) is of great importance. Advertising activity (conferences, exhibitions, bilateral meetings with shipowners, etc.) aimed at maintaining the priority of the RS class should be intensified.

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UDC:  211-17 629.5.011:061.6:009.13
Author(s):  N.A. Reshetov, E.K. Blinov
Pages:  3 − 9

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