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Computer-Based System for Risk Assessment and Monitoring of Sea-Going Ship Technical Condition
The article describes the scheme for evaluating, on the basis of formal safety assessment (FSA), the damage risks incurred as a result of an accident for the main types of hazards and their subtypes, as well as the procedure for determining the critical elements of the ‘ship-cargo-man’ system, the failure of which is associated with high damage risk. A correspondence table between the level of damage and the severity of described consequences included in reports on occasional survey of the ship in connection with the accident is given. The actual risk level and its permissible value is assessed for the main types and subtypes of hazards. The need for creation of a computer-based system for risk assessment and monitoring of ship technical condition and its functionability are substantiated.
The development of risk theory methods and technology and creation of ship technical condition database may prove useful both for technical supervision of ships in service and for the development of the new RS Rules or improvement thereof.

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UDC:  656.61:629.067
Author(s):  M.D. Yemelyanov
Pages:  23 – 43

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