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Activities with Regard to the Safety of Small-Scale Fishing Vessels and its Impact on National Legislations
The present article contains an overview of the general situation with the safety of small-scale fishing vessels in the world. The interrelation of Safety recommendations for deck fishing vessels of less than 12 m in length and undecked fishing vessels being developed presently by IMO with other IMO instruments issued for fishing vessels has been shown. The structure of the document under development is presented in the article. The provisions of the Stability and associated seaworthiness chapter have been compared with requirements applied by Russian legislative acts and similar European normative documentation. The positive influence of IMO recommendations on the development of Russian national legislation in the field of small-scale fishing vessels safety has been shown as well.

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UDC:  341.161:331.91:639.2.06;629.5
Author(s):  A.R. Togunjac
Pages:  44 − 56

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