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Refinement of the Calculation of Inertia Forces Acting on the Cargo or Hull Structural Members Resulting from the Ship Motions
The article generalizes the experience of calculations and the authors experience of participation in maritime operations on transportation of non-standardized, bulky and heavy cargoes. This experience has convincingly demonstrated the necessity for certain amendments to the existing RS Rules and Guidelines concerning such kind of transportations. It is concluded that, when calculating the total balance of forces acting on the cargo at motions, not only the resultant inertia forces vector should be considered, but the principal moment due to reduction of all the inertia forces to a resultant force at a single point. The article offers a calculation procedure and supporting materials. It also contains a suggestion for the improvement of the structure of the Rules related to transportation of non-standardized cargoes.

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UDC:  629.5.045
Author(s):  O.E. Litonov, A.G. Papin
Pages:  57 67

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