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Field test data and results of calculations by computer simulated modeling for rotating electrical machines: a convergence estimation
Authors: A.Yu. Shchukin, P.B. Zabirokhin


The article provides a description of the shake table that was used for testing of the induction motor VA02-315 for mechanical impact. The article also outlines the basic tasks of field tests, from which the following information was obtained: the product's dynamic characteristics parameters to be used in the calculations, the data to determine the test conditions complying with the requirements of the Register Rules, data for engine design responses to given impacts necessary to compare calculation and field tests results. Experimental studies of VA02-315 induction motor included the following types of tests: motor dynamic characteristics determination, the determination of the motor construction elements resonance frequencies as well as tests for vibration and shock resistance. The results of VA02-315 motor field tests for vibration and shock resistance are presented, their main goal being the provision of data for comparative analysis of experimental results and calculation. A computer model of VA02-315 motor is developed to estimate the degree of convergence between the calculation results and field test data. The comparison of the results of field tests and calculations has shown that contemporary software is able to reliably simulate the mechanical testing process for rotating electrical machines in full accordance with the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Keywords: field tests, VA02-315 motor, computer model, comparison of field tests and calculation, vibration resistance, shock resistance.


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Shchukin Aleksander - "CKTI-VIBROSEISM" Ltd., 9, Gzhatskaya st., 195220, St. Petersburg, Russia, tel.: +7 (812) 327-85-99, e-mail:

Zabirokhin Petr - "CKTI-VIBROSEISM" Ltd., 9, Gzhatskaya st., 195220, St. Petersburg, Russia, tel.: +7 (812) 327-85-99, e-mail:

Issue: 46/47 (2017)

For citation:A.Yu. Shchukin, P.B. Zabirokhin.Field test data and results of calculations by computer simulated modeling for rotating electrical machines: a convergence estimation. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2017, No. 46/47, pp.98-106.

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UDC:  534.13; UDC 62-89
Pages:  98-106
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