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Trajectory measurements smoothing for a ship's rectilinear motion in regard to the navigation remote control concept
Author: N.M. Kobets


The article describes the calculation method for the trajectory measurements of a ship's the rectilinear motion with regard to the of the vessel applicable to the concept of navigation remote control. The well-known least squares method used in mathematical calculations allows calculating the necessary construction parameters of smoothing of the rectilinear motion of the actual ship's track. The difference between the obtained and calculated data in real-time is calculating using this method and methods of processing various signals of technical means of navigation. This allows to predict the further movement of the vessel as well as to detect unauthorized deviation from the specified track line. The results of experiments and calculations performed on the vessel and presented in this paper indicate the accuracy of the proposed method. Therefore, it can be used to implement the concept of navigation remote control which involves autonomous ships and unmanned ships in the future.

Keywords: navigation, trajectory measurements, smoothing, unmanned ships, autonomous ships, least squares method.


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Kobets Nikolay - FSBEO HE "Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University", Novorossisk, e-mail:

Issue: 46/47 (2017)

For citation: N.M. Kobets. Trajectory measurements smoothing for a ship's rectilinear motion in regard to the navigation remote control concept. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2017, No. 46/47, pp.107-111.

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Pages:  107-111
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