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Import substitution of ship electrical equipment in the USSR and the Russian Federation
Authors: L.N. Tokarev, D.A. Makarov



Industrial production was organized in the Soviet Union for the purpose of AC electrical equipment provision for ships, encouraging the development of series of synchronous generators, asynchronous motors, switching devices, automatic regulators, electrical protection devices, batteries, etc. The electrical equipment was constantly updated, its static and dynamic characteristics improving all the time. The information about all the work throughout the country was collected in а basic company. Some basic companies were financed to carry out new R&D and equipment modernization. During Perestroika, the system of basic enterprises stopped working, with many factories shutting down their serial production. Nowadays the process of restoring factory production of ship electrical equipment is underway.

Keywords: ship electrical equipment, industrial production, serial manufacturing, basic functions, generator, electric motor


About authors

Tokarev Lev - professor, St Petersburg Electrotechnical University, St. Petersburg, e-mail:

Makarov Dmitriy - JSC "Cheboksary Electric Apparatus Plant", Cheboksary, e-mail:


Issue: 46/47 (2017)

For citation: L.N. Tokarev, D.A. Makarov. Import substitution of ship electrical equipment in the USSR and the Russian Federation. Research Bulletin by Russian Register of Shipping. 2017, No. 46/47, pp 125-131.

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UDC:  621.311
Pages:  125-131
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