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Mathematic Simulation of Level Ice and Ridge Interaction with Anchored Floating Structures such as FPU and Spar Platforms
Ridge effects on anchored floating structures of FPU type are usually studied in the process of designing anchored structures to be operated in ice-covered water areas. Unlike fixed structures, anchored structures possess a substantial mobility and, therefore, the force effect of ridge thereon will depend on the structure response. However, a priori ice load estimation is often performed considering only the depth of the structure penetration into ridge, and disregarding the dynamic aspects of such interaction.
The present article considers the dynamic aspects of interaction of ridge with the anchored structure. For this purpose, a specialized software package ‘Anchored Structures’ is used. This program makes it possible to simulate the structure-ridge interaction in the time domain on the basis of solving motion equations.
Two types of anchored structures are considered: the FPU and the Spar platform. Dynamic aspects of their behaviour during interaction with ridge are analysed.

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UDC:  629.563.2:624.042.43:001.573
Author(s):  K.N. Shkhinek, S.V. Balagura, A.S. Bolshev, S.A. Frolov
Pages:  93 – 108

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