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Determination of the Crack Resistance Parameter CTOD for the Metal of Welded Joints of Hull-Structural Steels at Low Ambient Temperatures
CTOD requirements for the metal of welded joints are among the standards based on which the materials for essential welded metal structures are selected. However, the test procedures and relevant interpretation techniques to be found in particular normative documents differ from each other. The differences prove to be vital for test temperatures below –30 ˚C, which correspond to the ductile-brittle transition temperatures for particular structural components of welded joints even where the most cold-resistant steels and welding consumables are concerned. In such cases, considerable data scatter as well as test results dependence on the selection of the notch position (the target structure for testing) and the direction in which the fracture propagates are observed. Research of the factors affecting test results enables to specify the test procedure depending on the problem being solved: steel weldability monitoring, welding procedure qualification or basic data specification for checking strength calculations of brittle fracture.

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UDC:  627.747.33.034:621.791.053.08
Author(s):  A.V. Ilyin, V.P. Leonov, V.Yu. Filin
Pages:  120 – 146

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