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Brief Review of Radar Support to Icebreaker Fleet and Its Influence on the Efficiency and Safety of Ice Navigation
IMO requirements for navigation safety provide for at least two independent radar systems to be installed on board the ships. In our country, X-band (3 cm) and S-band (10 cm) radars are traditionally used. Polar Code has adopted similar provisions for icebreakers and icebreaking-transport vessels. However, S-band radars are not used for ice navigation due to their insufficient resolution characteristics. Therefore, X-band radars along with ensuring safety of navigation, serve the purpose of selecting the optimal ice navigation route. Based on sea trial data obtained in the Arctic and the Baltic, this article shows the reasons for radar time shortage during ice navigation, proceeding from which the need for short-range radars on board the ships of active ice navigation is substantiated. As an alternative, a millimeter-wave radar is offered for consideration.

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UDC:  629.5.073.5:621.396,969.33:268
Author(s):  N.T. Nichiporenko, E.M. Shatsberger, B.N. Sivachenko, V.G. Yakovlev
Pages:  255 262

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