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Research Bulletin by RS

Assessment of marine operations risk

Authors: N.A.Valdman, N.V. Jarkikh, V.A. Karev


Methodological approaches to risk analysis for offshore marine operations are considered. It is underlined that the risk assessment methodology should take into account unique and specific nature of marine operations in shelf seas as well as - previous experience in this field. The ways of assessing individual, group and social risks are described. Factors of reasonably achievable safety (ALARA) and other risk indicators are defined to provide an efficient tool of risk management in the design process as well as performance of marine operations. Classification of emergency situations is developed, and typical accident scenarios as well as quantitative risk assessment methods are discussed, and recommendations are given on the most efficient application of these tools. Risk analysis case studies for the main types of marine operations are presented with the assessment of probable accident scenarios, together with the suggestion of approaches for risk mitigation during marine operations.

Keywords: risk assessment, safety sufficiency criteria, marine operations, risk factors, individual and social risks, F/N curves.


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About authors

Valdman Nikolay - PhD, Krylov State Research Centre, 44, Moskovskoe shosse, 196158, St. Petersburg, Russia, e-mail:

Jarkih N.V. - Krylov State Research Centre, 44, Moskovskoe shosse, 196158, St. Petersburg, Russia, e-mail:

Karev Vladimir - FAI Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, 8, Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya, 191186, St. Petersburg, Russia

Issue: 48/49 (2017)

For citation: N.A.Valdman, N.V. Jarkikh, V.A. Karev. Assessment of marine operations risk. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2017, No. 48/49, pp. 17-31.

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UDC:  622.276
Pages:  17-31
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