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Analysis of economic activity in water areas using the data of sea transport tracking systems and satellite images
Author: P.S. Sorokin


A methodology for assessing the management of marine areas based on monitoring the ship movement is proposed to determine the degree of economic activity as a tool for marine spatial planning. Related literature analysis on application of night satellite images to determine the location of fishing vessels using electric light to attract marine hydrobionts is performed. Patterns of marine zoning by sea transport density are shown using the Sea of Japan as an example, based on the analysis of raster images of maritime transport density and night lights location on the satellite images. There are defined the boundaries of marine areas with predominant port specialization and areas for squid and saury fishing in the open sea, the hydrobionts caught using sources of powerful electric illumination.

Keywords: monitoring, coastal-marine nature management, economic activities, sea transport, zoning, night satellite images, positioning, navigation.


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About author

Sorokin Pavel - PhD, Pacific Geographical Institute Far Eastern Branch Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok, 7, Radio Street, 690041, Vladivostok, Russia, tel. +7 (423)237-59-26, e-mail:

Issue: 48/49 (2017)

For citation: P.S. Sorokin. Analysis of economic activity in water areas using the data of sea transport tracking systems and satellite images. Research Bulletin by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2017, No. 48/49, pp. 32-36.

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UDC:  504.062:911.2
Pages:  32-36
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