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Solving the Problem of Minimizing the Human Factor Negative Impact upon the Accident Rate when Navigating in Ice Conditions of the Arctic by Introducing Mandatory Psychophysiological Selection and Monitoring for Seafarers Working under Extreme Conditions
The article covers issues associated with minimizing the negative impact of the human factor upon the accident rate when navigating in ice conditions of the Arctic where personal experience and intuition are required to ensure safety rather than standards. Special attention has been given to staff selection, training and deployment for navigation along the Northern Sea Route. The necessity for psychophysiological selection and monitoring for seafarers working under extreme conditions has been accentuated. To enhance the safety of navigation, it has been suggested that a special document, namely, the seafarer's psychological passport be developed and used for staff recruitment

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UDC:  551.577.53:574.23:347.796
Author(s):  N.N. Grigoryev, S.V. Latukhov, M.A. Gappoyev
Pages:  13 - 17

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