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Analyzing the Prospects of Using Various Alternative Fuels for Sea-Going Ships
The article considers issues covering the use of various alternative fuels for sea-going ships in view of strengthening requirements for limitation of the NOx and SOx emissions. Biofuel, water-fuel emulsion, hydrogen, gas fuel as well as different additives to existing fuel oils have been considered as alternative fuels. The use of natural gas on board ships has been presented in more detail as the most prospective. The use of gas fuel for marine ICE, gas fuel storage on board, experience in gas application on board ships both in Russia and abroad, as well as elaboration of the application requirements have been reviewed

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UDC:  629.54:621.436.72
Author(s):  V.A. Baranov, A.A. Sergeyev, V.K. Shurpiak
Pages:  99 - 126

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