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Amendments to the Requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for Thin-Walled Cylinders of High Strength Steel
The article compares the requirements for thin-walled cylinders of high strength steel, as stipulated in the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships (RS Rules) to those of the widely applied international standard ISO 9809-1. As a result of reviewing the calculation formulas, it has been determined that, as far as the actual wall thickness-to-diameter relationship is concerned, the permissible pressure for the cylinders described in ISO 9809-1 is by 15-25 % higher than that permitted by the RS Rules. The cylindrical shell analysis for two types of bottom attachment enabled the edge effect value to be determined for different bottom shapes. As a result, the requirements for the geometry of thin-walled cylinders of high strength steel have been formulated, the compliance with which does not involve essential edge effect whereby the requirements for permissible stresses can be lowered, and the suggestions for amending the RS Rules requirements for the ship's cylinders have been prepared

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UDC:  629.5.062; 629.5.064; 629.5.067-069
Author(s):  V.E. Mikhailov, V.K. Shurpyak
Pages:  151 - 164

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