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Review of Status and Perspectives for the Development of Active Means of the Ship's Steering in View of Amending the Requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
In view of extending the application of active means of the ship's steering and their prospective elaboration, it becomes necessary to reflect these trends in the respective sections of the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS Rules). Based on the comparative analysis of structural solutions for AMSS of different kinds, their design and operation experience, as well as the relevant requirements of the leading classification societies, the article suggests focus areas and specific solutions for elaborating Section 7 "Active Means of the Ship's Steering", Part VII "Machinery Installations" of the RS Rules. The article does not consider specific issues connected to dynamic positioning systems, since the material is mainly dedicated to the AMSS operation as part of propulsion systems. The above issues may be specially considered later when elaborating the requirements for AMSS

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UDC:  621.431.74.004:621.43-53
Author(s):  V.A. Shishkin, A.A. Rusetsky, M.Yu. Ivanov
Pages:  165 - 195

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