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Conceptual Framework for Ice Ship Safety Assessment
The article considers general (conceptual) approach to establishing the unified integrated indicator qualitatively and quantitatively reflecting the safety of the ship as a complicated technical system. The implementation of this integrated indicator makes it possible to create a unified platform for aligning positions of the designer, ship customer, classification society and insurance company at all stages of the ship’s life. It is reasonable to use the integrated safety indicator at early stages of ship design when main architectural and structural design options are discussed. This allows to improve the quality of designs and, thus, to increase their competitiveness. The approaches to quantitative assessment of the integrated ship safety indicator are presented and analysed in the article.

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UDC:  658.512:681.5.01
Author(s):  A.I. Gaikovich, A.V. Andryushin
Pages:  22 - 30

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