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Research and Development of the Norms for Local Tightness Control of the Airtight Circuit Joints of Containment Shell Elements in Ships and Floating Facilities Equipped with Nuclear Steam Generated Plants
The article considers the issues related to tightness tests of the containment shells of nuclear steam generating plants, the nomenclature of standard elements of the containment shell airtight circuit and norms of their testing are elaborated, the tightness norm for airtight circuit elements is defined. As a result, the calculation procedure for the airtight circuit element test norm, testing methods for cables and arrangements, sealing methods for cable and conductor passages are introduced. The above methods are recommended to integrate into the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Nuclear Ships and Floating Facilities published by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

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UDC:  620.165.29:629.5
Author(s):  V.M. Kuzavkov, V.P. Egorov, V.P. Rydlovsky, V.V. Shtaits
Pages:  42 - 58

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